On the Shoulders of Giants

Notes on Software, seeking continuous improvement

React, Part I: Building Reactive, Component-based UIs

Managing UI complexity is hard. State exists on the server, in browser memory and in the DOM, all mutating over time. Keeping it in sync is easy at first, but as you dial up the interactivity things get buggy and fragile. Is there a simpler way? We'll look at building apps that minimize mutable state and embrace a simpler, functional data flow with Facebook's React.

Naked Statistics: A (Re)Introduction

A light review of Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data
by Charles Wheelan

Productivity for Programmers

A brief review of the Screencast offered by Peepcode

The High-Tech Illusion

The widely held conviction among people who deal with any aspect of new technology... that they are in an intrinsically high-tech business